Weird stuff in trash folder

This is not really very important but I am pretty curious about it. I recently decided to add the trash folder to my desktop. When I did I saw there were things in it. So I looked to see what was in it and found some strange things there. I have included a screen shot of what is in the trash folder. The colored icon I recognize as a screen shot from a game that I have on ANOTHER computer. That game has never been on this computer. Also I don't have any idea where the icons listed as desktops came from. When I double click on one of them I get the message you see in the screen shot that says I need to install another program to open them. But how did they get in my trash folder? Weird.

Screenshot from 2021-11-19 06-52-14

And are they actually desk top environments or just desk top wallpapers?

That is strange the screen shot I uploaded does not show up in my post.

Try again.

.desktop files are are just identifiers that hold basic information about a program. They are used for application launchers, to know what to display, what icon to display and what executable command to use to launch that program.

If the program is not installed, then the .desktop file will not work and will say you need that program installed in order to use it.

That these files are bare in the trash is odd. They are not contained in a directory that you sent to trash...
In your Home Directory, deleting a program or file does not send it to the trash.
Generally, anything in there is something you sent there. Such as by Right Click, send to trash.
Sometimes, opening your trash directory will display what is in the Trash folder on a USB Stick if that USB stick is plugged in and mounted at the time.
Sometimes, removing items from a USB stick can send them to your trash directory in home folder.

Perhaps you were cleaning out files in a routine manner and didn't make a mental note of it at the time.


Okay. I think that makes sense. I do remember looking at a game named enigma and then deleting it. So that must be where those came from. Old age memory is not always helpful. Thanks for your input. I'll mark your post as the solution.


If you think that's bad, try getting a teenager to remember anything.


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