What about this procedure?

I've been told to run apport-collect to collect debug info to report for the preinstalled Firefox of Zorin OS Core. Is it necessary that running a sudo apt (whatever it is) it always shows the classic list of packages that have been installed automatically and are no longer required? It's not what the command had to show. I noticed that I cluttered my Firefox bug reports on Launchpad with much stuff (see my 4 Firefox reports if you want). Then what's that yellow zone :point_down:?

This becomes a matter of opinion.

In my opinion, yes, it is necessary.
Package management can be very influential over your desktop experience. Having clutter can affect how packages are managed. So the user can stand to have consistent reminders from the package manager every time they go into it managing packages. Keep your workspace clean.

In a different thread, I am reasonably confident that we reached a point where you can safely run sudo apt autoremove and clear out all that stuff.

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I've always been a bit angst about using autoremove from past experience where everything disappears!

Do you mean on this message :point_down:?

I also forgot to ask, why I had to install these packages? Because till that moment they were simple dependencies shared by software and so they could be easily removed for mistake or another reason?

Yes, that message.
Just grabbing a random example from that list: lshw

How can you list your hardware without it? Nano was on that list, along with ftp... Not things that you want to lose.

They are already installed. By running the install command, you changed their status from Automatically installed to Manually Installed.
The apt autoremove command remvoes automatically installed packages and leaves manually installed packages alone.

So, setting a package to Manually Installed insulates it from the autoremove command. And... running it as an apt install is just an easier way of doing so than using apt-mark for most users, in my opinion.


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