What am I doing Wrong /Connect to mobile phone

One of the first things I did is set up the Zorin connect. After fighting with it for over a week, I finally gave up, and tried KDE Connect, after I got every set up, and opened the KDE app, there was my phone, and I had full access to it.

Although I was disappointed, I am not one of those people that is always saying "WInows is so much better", or "I could do this or that in Windows why won't Linux do the same". But this time I have to question this, in Windows, I clicked the"My Phone" app, and when it opened up I was looking at my phone screen, background, and icons, everything. When I clicked Contacts, what was on my pc screen, was identical to what was on my phone screen. I Linux, when it worked, I clicked the Connect app, and the window that opened up, looks like the BASIC language I used back in 1987 :open_mouth:. But hey, not everyone can be happy about everything all the time right? This ain't Burger King I can't have it my way. :rofl:

Really, when I clicked the KDE app the first time, it opened and connected that's better than the Zorin did, even the Zorin app is supposed to be the rebadged KDE app. Kind of like the Chevy and GMC trucks. It sort of worked, I could access my contacts, my permissions folder, and seems that there was something else or two. It worked fine for a couple of weeks and now when I open it on both the pc, and the phone, they will both say no device found. I've went over the settings, and they are on the same network, (the only network close enough to pick up). I just don't see anything that's not right. Does anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong? Or what I mgiht check. I can wait for it to catch up to Windows if I can just get it to work, especially the texting app.

I was so surprised to read this.
I've never experienced any issue with Zorin connect myself.
On my sub-machine where I run Mint Linux I use KED connect which also works equally well.

I just wondered what the problem you faced in Zorin connect was.


Just try if any will work.


I use KDE-Connect, instead. This is because I use XFCE desktop, not Gnome (Which is too much like Windows for me. Too controlling and restrictive).
In KDE-Connect, the texting app works and I can reply to texts and receive them over the computer.
It is a separate entry than the kde-connect Settings entry though - so I wonder if you have not seen it.
In my menu it shows as "KDE-Connect SMS Messaging" app.


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