What are my dual boot options?

Hi! Zorin's terrific for doing work, but not for gaming. I'm going to try a dual boot with Mint.

Can I add Mint to the same hard drive I've installed Zorin, or do I have to reinstall Zorin and install Mint? How much is required on the swap partition?

Or, can I install mint on an external hard drive? Running through a USB 3.0?

Can I install Mint into VirtualBox, along with the gaming apps?

What are my multiboot menu options?

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You need to create another partition in your drive (like dividing your hard drive into two)
Try these steps :smiley:

You already have zorin so replace every thing in the article referring to win 10 with Zorin OS


also you can use balena etcher for easy installation drive creation.


Thanks. Balena Etcher. That's familiar. Isn't that the ISO "burner" I used to install Zorin?

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Yes, it's the same one recommended but Zorin. You can set up a swap partition, and both os's can use the same one. The recommended size is half of your ram size, so we cannot tell you what size it should be.

I still use double the size of RAM for swap.

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I Mentone the minimum recommended. Anything above that is dependent on how much ram your machine has. I have 32gb and never use it all. Having a swap partition is unnecessary the more ram you have.

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