What are some good free-2-play games for linux?

Does anyone have any recommendations for Steam games that run well on linux naively or through proton that are fun to play?

I play lots of games, but I can't help you with free games on Steam as I havn't played any of them. :sweat_smile:
But I know a lot of strategy and RPGs games both on Steam and in the repositories.

Does f2p mean free or fun to play?

I don't play a lot of games anymore but I really enjoy games like Rome or Civilization. Classics never die :smiley:


If I remember correctly Steam has a "free to play" category on their website ..... pick one you would like to play and see if plays on Linux ..... I have about 5-6 I play but Fishing Planet is the most current I'm playing ..... it is the most realistic Fishing Simulator I have ever seen and it's free and plays on line with Linux .....

Here is just a few without knowing what your tastes are .... me .... I play lots of different games .....

Stardew Valley
Urban Terror 43
Fishing Planet
Tank Force
The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt
The Pirate: Plague of the Dead

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Yes they are many but what type a games you wondering?
Warframe is nice many people playing that game.
I know someone from here have a list a games what working on linux.
Here is short video how many things on this a game.

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for my old pc i can play the most favorite games to me without steam or wine :
1-first-person-shooter =>xonotic (appimage)
2-foot ball game=> pes2013 (appimage)

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If you're into action rpg games in the vein of Diablo and Grim Dawn, Path of Exile runs perfectly through Steam (at least for me)


https://love2d.org/ someone tested?

I played the third party snap of oh my giraffe that's made right with LÖVE. Nice small game, well done and easy yet hilarious. That LÖVE looks easy to use.

not really from steam, but if you like racing games, I think supertuxkart may be alright

I personally enjoy it

It's hell hard to make drifts on curves, I stopped playing it when I had to win Ultimate difficulties, in any race I was just flying outside the track, hit curves guardrails or being constantly and continuously hit by opponent's attacks :expressionless:. I like challenges but not till such points.

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That's fair. I have a lot of experience from mariokart, so getting used to this one wasnt too hard for me, but it is true that drifting isnt the most satisfying experience in this game

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All I was seeing were players fast like missiles :unamused::rofl:.

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Beyond all Reasons

very impressive real time strategy game made by a community. There is an app image or Flatpak. Check their Website. Native Linux support.
Free to play
And it is Open Source

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Recently discovered a very nice car racing game while playing around with KDE Neon, Speed Dreams. Look to see if it is in Synaptic Package Manager.

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