What are some good free-2-play games for linux?

Does anyone have any recommendations for Steam games that run well on linux naively or through proton that are fun to play?

I play lots of games, but I can't help you with free games on Steam as I havn't played any of them. :sweat_smile:
But I know a lot of strategy and RPGs games both on Steam and in the repositories.

Now this really is getting personal? What is a good game to you? Do you want RPGs, FPSs, Shooter Looter, Simulators, Third Person, Nintendo/ Sega/ Atari? Tetris and Candy Crush or the latest Zombie shooter?

Depending on your preferences, there may not be any good games, or there may be an overwhelming amount.

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Does f2p mean free or fun to play?

I don't play a lot of games anymore but I really enjoy games like Rome or Civilization. Classics never die :smiley:

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If I remember correctly Steam has a "free to play" category on their website ..... pick one you would like to play and see if plays on Linux ..... I have about 5-6 I play but Fishing Planet is the most current I'm playing ..... it is the most realistic Fishing Simulator I have ever seen and it's free and plays on line with Linux .....

Here is just a few without knowing what your tastes are .... me .... I play lots of different games .....

Stardew Valley
Urban Terror 43
Fishing Planet
Tank Force
The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt
The Pirate: Plague of the Dead

Yes they are many but what type a games you wondering?
Warframe is nice many people playing that game.
I know someone from here have a list a games what working on linux.
Here is short video how many things on this a game.

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for my old pc i can play the most favorite games to me without steam or wine :
1-first-person-shooter =>xonotic (appimage)
2-foot ball game=> pes2013 (appimage)

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If you're into action rpg games in the vein of Diablo and Grim Dawn, Path of Exile runs perfectly through Steam (at least for me)

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