What are the default session values in Zorin?

I have a tty1 that i cant log in never. It is like a pipe that send me today to tty2 if i log in. Yesterday it log me to tty3. tty1 never log in tty1. Why Zorin have a graphic tty1 that never login and to other alternate ttys?

Yesterday image


Today image

Distro info

TTY 1 is often reserved for system text messages during boot. In an operating system with a splash screen the boot text checklist is hidden. Zorin is based on Ubuntu which includes tty 1 -tty 6.

david@d-box:~$ who
david    :1           2023-12-28 09:15 (:1)
david@d-box:~$ loginctl
      2 1000 david seat0 tty2

1 sessions listed.
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Thanks for reply. Today is a little different. In tty1 appears a graphics login. But it is impossible log in there. I log today in tty7 and open a terminal in tty2.
Captura de pantalla de 2023-12-28 16-10-40

Later, suspend and up. Then the session change 7 to 10.

Captura de pantalla de 2023-12-28 16-50-33

If tty7 is not included, what is happening?

Perhaps my info is outdated and Zorin is different in that regard. I would suggest you do a search related to tty and also Linux run levels. There is a wealth of information on the subject. You can access the tty man pages in the terminal.
Linux does support 7 run levels.

From Ask Ubuntu:

In case of Ubuntu, tty7 is usually used by Xorg, do provide your graphical environment (to be more exact, it provides a "windowing system" only, and things like the gnome - as a desktop environment solution - runs "top of it").

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Thanks for your answer. I will research the line you tell me there. Today the tty is

Captura de pantalla de 2023-12-29 18-14-55

It is very rare that each day the tty change ramdomly, but in tty1 always there are a "login only" screen that pipe me to the tty7, in today case. And the login in tty1 is blue and login in tty7 is black. And i can not turn off, suspend or reboot in tty7. I need to log off in tty7. Then move to tty1 with c-a-f1 and there i can do that.

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