What deception and obfuscation look like

Many Zorin OS users may also be users of long time Open Source audio editor Audacity.
If so, a must read:

The Muse Group are acting awfully familiar...

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This may be of interest:

Comments are also worth reading.

The article neglects (willfully) important information as it acts as an apologist for Muse. Neglecting pertinent information is called "lie by omission."
For example, the article does not touch the change of Licensing to CLA.
It does not address the Privacy Policy change that clearly stated that information gathered can be shared with Third Party interests. That's a very big thing to just ignore.
The article goes to great lengths to demonstrate a good reason for Muse to gather data: Error reporting and Debugging. But it utterly ignores a very relevant piece of that:

the only data that will be collected is the user’s IP address, basic information about their computer, and optionally, error reports.

Where are those priorities?
Finally, while the article and comments praise the "opt-out", they neglect the obfuscation in that Muse only added that Opt-out Last minute. The original released information on the Policy and the CLA lacked that.

Oh lol this is a funny reminder. :smiley: I forgot that this had happened. Last time I checked, I read that the Linux Packages will use the old versions until further notice. I hope that is still the case. Still waiting for a good alternative/fork to pop up...

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I have discovered that I am using old version Audacity 2.0.3 on Windows. It suits my humble needs and I have had no desire to go "Check for Updates" etc.

I will keep an eye on Tenacity fork to see if it actually flies long term.

Yes, as it stands, Audacity can be run in offline mode for the foreseeable future.
Muse bought audacity, they did not simply take over as maintainer.
They have $$ signs in their eyes.

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Ive gone over to Ocenaudio, works for me.


There are some more alternatives for Audacity: