What do I lose if I go from Gnome to XCFE?

What functionality and/or flexibility would I lose if I go from GNOME to XCFE?

I guess one of the functionalitites lost is extensions. I'm pretty sure you can still use GNOME apps on XFCE.

Thanks. What kind of extensions would that be?

All GNOME extensions.


Not much honestly,off the top of my head
zorin connect(you can use KDE connect as an alternative)
as mentioned before ,all sorts of tweaks like, wobbly windows,magic lamp etc
touchpad/touchcreen gestures
drop in battery life (not sure about this one)
specifically for zorin OS lite you'll have only windows like appearance in customization(no default gnome or chromeos like? options) although you can still customize XFCE to look pretty much how you want

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Thanks, that is pretty much the conclusion I have come to. I loaded Zorin Lite into VBOX and played with it. I do kind of like XCFE.

One of the benefits of XFCE is that it's lighter on resources than GNOME.

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Yep, that is why I was wondering in the first place. I am running Core on my laptop but I am going to install Zorin Lite on an older laptop (once I receive a couple parts) for my wife, which got me to wondering if I might like the Lite version better myself if I didn't lose any crucial functionality by making the change.

If you are a little impatient like me, you might prefer Zorin Lite. I use Zorin 16 Pro Lite on my Dell Micro 9020 daily driver, and on my HP EliteBook I7 12.5" with 16GB RAM, SSD 540GB, plus my old PC 20GB RAM, for experimenting etc. I installed Zorin Pro 16 Gnome when it first became available, but found it a bit slow and clunky compared with XFCE, so switched to Lite. As far as I know, Core and Lite have similar standard desktop choices in 'Zorin Appearance'. Using Pro Lite I have 6 choices. Main things missing in Lite is Zorin Connect and System Sounds. My startup time on XFCE is 25 seconds with SSD (longer with HDD). The best way is to try both versions from a live USB, and compare them (speed very slow through USB). The assorted pre-installed software in Zorin Pro suits me.

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You could fire up a Z16.2 Lite USB in "Try Zorin" mode as a start, to see what you think of it. It won't run fast from USB stick, but you will get an idea of the look-and-feel of Lite compared to Core you are familiar with.

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xfce is amazing, and there is new version of xfce have been released , and i think it's used now in xubuntu , and zorin lite will use it in zorin 17 in julay.
xfce is the main de in kali linux , and is the main de in mx linux distro

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