What extensions are you using?

I went back to basics and only have 1 Extension added. That's "Lock Key" as my keyboard doesn't have a light indicator when it's on/off.


  • Dash to Dock
  • Burn My Windows
  • Caffeine
  • Coverflow Alt-Tab
  • Remove App Menu
  • Shell Configurator
    On my work computer also use Clipboard Indicator, with Ubuntu

@Storm if you don't mind, help me with something, when I first install, Plank, later Dash to Dock, windows keep minimizing to Zorin Taskbar, that's why I deactivate Zorin Taskbar and use Shell Configurator and Remove App Menu, any idea why that happens, I would like to keep using Zorin Taskbar.
Note: I had Zorin Taskbar on top of my desktop and small, I got that idea from you on another post, thanks

I dunno. A glitch perhaps or a bug. It's hard to tell, but I'm having a difficult to underestand what you mean. Can you add start a new thread and add some pictures to it?

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Yeah, English is not my language, for simplicity, windows minimize animation move to Zorin Taskbar even when using Plank or Dash to Dock, any way, I will open a new thread with some visual help.

Still the same but I moved the clock to the left. It takes about a month to get used to.

I just installed a new extension yesterday called 'Just Perfection' which allows you to modify your GNOME Shell. See in the below screenshot I used it to move the clock to the top right.


Not sure if Plank is an extension or not but I use it with my Cinnamon DE task bar .....

I also use Cinnamon Clock Desklet to put my clock in the upper right hand comer of the screen ..... I just haven't figured out how to make it's back ground transparent .....

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On Cinnamon, I believe you can right click the desklet, then select configure. There are options for background color and for transparency or to override the system theme.


Yes thank you for that but it only lets you change the text color .....

I logged in on Cinnamon and checked this. I get the same options that you do.
So, I tested a variety of means of chaning the Clock Desklet BG. None worked.
Even changing the theme did nothing.
I tried a web search and did not find much of anything.
Will have to look into this further

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Thank you sir ..... no rush I've been using it this way for 2-3 months .... not really a big bother it would just look a bit better .... :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face:

I use Blur my Shell, Burn my Windows, and Dash to Plank

Burn My Windows
Clipboard Indicator
CPU Power Manager
Rounded Corners
Rouned System Menu Buttons
Sound Input & Output Device Chooser

My updated list of extensions are:

  • ArcMenu
  • Blur my Shell
  • Clipboard Indicator
  • Dash to Panel
  • Desktop Icons NG (DING)
  • Dynamic Calendar, Clocks and Icons
  • Notification Banner Reloaded
  • Removable Drive Menu
  • Replace Activities Label
  • Weather O'Clock
  • And AppIndicator Support

Any suggestions for making Zorin os more multitasking oriented ?