What extensions are you using?


*Workspace Indicator (already installed). Lets you scroll thru your workspaces (set cursor on it).
*Clipboard Indicator. Stores clipboard entries.
*Tiling Assistant. Bonk windows into corners.
*Weather in the Clock
*Shutdown timer. Can be set to Suspend.


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  • Burn my Windows
  • Wobble
  • Dash to Dock
  • Ddterm
  • Lock Keys
  • Places Status Indicator

Screenshot from 2022-11-09 02-18-36

Screenshot from 2022-11-09 02-18-46

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I have the logo menu for my Mac.
And then I have Webcam manager and The Circles (which is a desktop widget) on my main PC.

Ow.. seem like it only me? at least for now, that have a lot of extension installed, isn't it?


Tiny apps:

Right click to open as root:

sudo apt install nautilus-admin

Turn on numlock at boot (X11 only):

sudo apt-get install numlockx

Bonus tips:

Alt+F2+r to refresh desktop and fix most glitches (X11 only).

Swap Caps Lock and Esc using Tweaks.


Shell Restarter Extension.

Does Alt+F2+R with one click.

I've never actually installed and only use the ones that come with Pop!_OS by default. Interestingly I don't see any option to install new extensions from here... can anyone suggest how to install them? In particular, I wanted to ask if you know or recommend of some extension that serves as an audio equalizer?

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Install the Extension Manager app from the Software Store. You can also install them from web sites.

Also PulseEffects app from the Store.

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Thanks a lot! I'll play with this and see what I can come up with...

Also, for comparison, the massive difference in size of flatpak vs .deb packages :exploding_head:

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Now that is quite a difference in sizes .... Flatpak ---- 808.7 MB vs deb ---- 43.4 MB .... hate to see what it would be in a Snap package if offered .... :thinking:


Shell Restarter does work on Wayland. Surprising because Alt+F2+R does not. Numlockx is also working now. Or maybe booting with Numlock on just works with Wayland now.

BTW, sometimes the light doesn't come on. You gotta check by typing numbers.

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Update on Shell Restarter:

Tho it does work on Wayland, it closes all apps. I originally thought this was a big disadvantage vs X11 but it actually comes in handy when you want to close all apps on all workspaces at the end of the day. Chrome's Restore Pages thingee works so it's not that much of a disruption.

Numlockx is definitely working on Wayland but the Numlock light doesn't come on. If you want it on, hit it the button twice.

Demonstrating Workspace Indicator scrolling.

BTW, I'm off Wayland again. Wait till Zorin 17.


Fixed it for ya. :grin:

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