What features would entice me to pay for pro version

I would like:

  1. Support for sound under Hyper-V and cut and paste clipboard
  2. Support for flexible resolutions in Hyper-V (to make it look good on 4k+ monitors and allow more resolution options that scale with the window)
  3. Windows like task manager preintegrated, like sysmontask.
    I have s apecific use case for use under Hyper-V and Zorin could be the perfect choise.

To try this out, I installed sysmontask:

sudo pip3 install -U psutil

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:camel-neeraj/sysmontask

sudo apt install sysmontask

I actually like it, particularly the Performance Tab.
It is a bit easier on the eyes (less tightly packed) than sysmonitor is.

I don't see anyone having a pre integrated sound driver for Hyper-V. This could be USP for Zorin.
Graphics wise, For ubuntu, the grub video=hyperv_fb:1920x1080 hyperv_fb parameter seems have no effect on Zorin 15.2.

HardInfo was a nice tool, I will keep it installed, although I was refering to Task Manager. :slight_smile:

I mean I use Zorin 16.2, sorry button slipup

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