What games/software do you recommend me for Zorin OS (low-end hardware)

If you saw my last post, you know I'm on the lower end, but if you don't here are my PC specs: Intel Pentium Dual E5700, Intel G41 Express Chipset, 2GB of DDR2-666 (uses 333 MHz currently), ~105GB Storage for Windows and ~55GB Storage for Zorin OS 17 Core (30GB for / partition, and 20GB for /Home partition + 50GB of Mega.nz soon). I recently downloaded "Adobe Flash Player Standalone" and "SuperTux" ('cause I have them on Windows 7). Now I want something fun. I don't need games with incredible graphics, just fun gameplay, I even play some games like "The Hulk 2003", "Lego TT Games", "Pretty Platformer games of all types like Super Cow lol", "Old/Retro 3D games like old GTA", "Simulation games like old WolfQuest"...etc. You may know my game style from this, so do you recommend any good games? Not forgetting about some software I would like, because the Software Store is confusing me with so many good options.

Battle for Wesnoth - should be in the software center.

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I will see.

Warmux is also good, but I'm not sure it can run on an lowend machine. Give it a try.

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Super tux, it's like Mario kart.

I'm not huge on Linux games. More of a looter shooter or survival type games that wouldn't run on your machine.

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Oh hello there! Aren't SuperTux and Mario Kart different games? one is a platformer and the other is a kart one. I know gaming on Linux isn't as huge as on Windows. if there is anything I have to know I would like to hear it :slightly_smiling_face:
EDIT: I now understand you. Yes, you are true, and that is one of the reasons why I ask you.

there is a picture on Zorin OS's main page, it looks like a game.

You can also try 0 a.d. and astromenace which I played a lot.

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I was about to download the game you recommended, but unfortunately, Zorin just froze and gave me a black screen. My PC never fails to frustrate me.

try use Zorin lite instead of Zorin core.
for games , u can use old windows games that u prefer by using wine in Zorin lite.
for native Linux game, u will find a lot of games that need low requirements (look for the requirements of the game before download it).
the cause of freezing is that u try game that need a lot of ram which consuming all the ram which cause the freezing

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I imagine, even with using lite, depending on what you have open, you will experience freezes often while... watching videos, downloading software or playing games.

This is because of the amount of available RAM on the system, and a small or inactive paging file. There is a guide on the forum (please use the search function) to decrease the time for paging to occur and increase the page file size.

The system and DE will use anywhere from 700MB to 1.2GB of RAM for lite, depending on your desktop customization. A browser, especially with multiple plugins and tabs, can take up a GB, easy. If other applications are running, it further diminishes.

Disable browser plugins, close other applications and disable some DE features to decrease RAM usage.

Increasing the rate and size of the page file will not guarantee things run smoothly, but can help.


The thing is that not only the ram is a problem, sometimes when my PC freeze my HDD do a weird sound, so I am currently doubting it, also when I open System Monitor and watch the CPU usage, it is low for a long time (below 30%) then it skyrockets to more than 80% and the cycle continues.

I have the pre-installed Wine (Windows App Support), do I have to update it? And what is Bottles? Is it related to Wine? Is it better? Will old games work fine on it?

Have you run a S.M.A.R.T. test on the drive? HDD Failure or SDD failure can easily cause crashing.

This sounds normal. Givben the specs, it means that everything is working well as far as CPU goes. It spikes; but then the system purges anything unecessary or redundant allowing the CPU to calm down. This, actually, is something I like about Zorin OS that it will. Many other distros spike - and stay spiked.

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No, how to do that on Zorin?

Ensure the tools are installed:

sudo apt install smartmontools

The smartctl command runs the test.

sudo smartctl -t short /dev/sdX

Replace the sdX with your actual drive Identifier. For example, if your Zorin is installed on /dev/sda:

sudo smartctl -t short /dev/sda

If you are unsure, you can use


to identify your drives and partitions.

yes windows games work very good on wine, i tried it with a lot of old windows game. i play pes2013 on my pc and it work very good, and i try it with old game like roadrush(old racing game).
bottles and Lutris are using wine ,but it's job are games manager and store(list the games, search the game, add game,remove game ,settings,etc)

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I tried everything you said, but when I enter the command, it keeps saying: command not found.

Which command did it specify as not found?

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sudo smartctl -t short /dev/sda