What happen to Google Chrome?

After Updating with software Updater. Google Chrome became this

Can you please detail what the issue is?

Hey, i don't why my laptop just freezed while working. then i had to force shutdown and then checked for any update then i notice Google Chrome is looking like this, I re-install it but still same

Your screenshot shows a Google Chrome icon that looks normal. I do not understand what the issue is.

Maybe you changed the icon set so you have only a different icon, but the app remains the same.

The icon do look like something from one of my icon themes... :thinking:

I reading news they changed icon google.

See. but what is this :joy:

it's color is gone. Do you use Google Chrome???

Try changing to a different non-Zorin Icon theme. If the Chrome Icon changes, that is the answer: Zorin Updated its icon theme to include Chrome Icon.

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Yes, If i switch it to HiColor Then it's showing Google Chrome Actual Icon. But if reset it to default then again that icon...

Why it's happening anyways??? :thinking:

Just a custom icon for the Zorin OS theme. You may be able to change that to an icon you prefer by editing the .desktop file for it.
Or you can just use a different icon theme, entirely.

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Its time to use other browser. Chrome is too overrated. Check out some best Chrome alternatives.

It gives three alternatives, one built off Firefox, the others built off of Chrome. Which, I will admit, I do not see a Chrome build being a viable alternative to Chrome.
Reading the page for SRWare Iron browser was amusing:

We provide you a clean peace of software

You only give that informations away from which you really want it.

The others are built of Chromium. Chrome as well.

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I think part of my perception is my own bias:
If the UI and the performance is the same, I see it as the same from an end users P.O.V.

Sure, some browsers claim to be deGoogled. But deGoogling chrome isn't exactly difficult.
And though some deGoogle it, like Brave Browser, it's just Chrome without Google but with Brave Rewards Marketing and targeting you the same way, anyway.

In this regard, Vivaldi is the only Chrome based browser that I perceive to be different.
It actually allows changing the UI.
If it was only more stable and less a resource hog, it would be my preferred browser.

If a user really wants to get away from Chrome or Firefox, in reality their options are severely limited.

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I use Brave but I have taken advantage of the fact you can turn off all the Brave Rewards stuff and other marketing stuff. You can set it up with just a basic page and remove all that other stuff. The only thing I have on my New Tab default page is my favorite web sites I visit frequently like this one.

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Good point - and I did not know this. I'll look up how to do that.

Grace od Vivaldi? Which one is better? Brave using tor but Vivaldi on left have a menu.

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