What hardware for sound?

Hello. I have Turtle Beach with microphone. Cable i get is 3 pole with microphone.
I wondering what good dac,dongle can operate both microphone and headphones in linux Zorin. Some soundcard usb what can recognize headphones and microphone. Sometimes i have also connected with that type dac.

Working on Zorin.

That is the same card I have! I use these (but in black):

Once dongle is attached, headphones and built-in stereo mic works out of the box but I had some issues with Jitsi.

KT USB also working

The Pulse headphones also come with USB cable which I use with smartphone.

I using Turtle Beach Recon 500 gaming headset with jack. Installing soundcard in motherboard have repaired my front panel to get a sound - before don't have and used that usb soundcard kt usb but now put Creative on PCI express.
For that also I using a Little Dot I+ lamp tube with K.GUSS DAC-K3 both are with op-amp Burson 5vi-D from Australia and lamp tube Western Electric from USA. Connected with a print cable to motherboard.
Planar Audeze LCD2C made in California headphones, Fostex made in Japan. I have some many type from many countries and for many type music to get the best experience hearing a music.

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