What I have been up to - lately

Some of you may noticed I haven't been around much. The reason is I got a great idea for a (another) book, which I'm currently working at. Also I have starting seeing other Authors once a week in our newly founded Writers Club. It's a club for those of us who publishing books to discuss all sort of things which a related to reading, writing and publishing.

I just let you know, so you don't think I'm gone :slight_smile:


Just curious, but are you able to tell me what this idea is about?


I'm keeping my cards close at the moment :wink:


He made this thread just to tease us lol.


A cliff-hanger :smiley:


Good to hear you are on to something... now the suspense is in the air...

Good luck on it. :slight_smile:

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Despite appearances, my Avatar is not cliff hanging :rofl:

I always thought it was KillRoy.

Can be KillRoy, or I know him as Chad. Chad is also the name of paper tape or punch card waste, so he would sometimes appear sketched on computer paper waste bins.
Just don't go stamping on his fingers whilst he is clinging on. :anguished:

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