What I learned

Don't try to repair it when it's not broken. !!!!!
(happened to me but not with Zorin but with another distro)


That's exactly what someone told me when he used linux and i tried it the first time back in 2014.

Don't fix something when it is not broken...now i understand what he meant :joy:

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I was doing something with PClinuxOS, did not know what I was doing.
Works completely different, It is not based on Ubuntu. Nothing wrong with that distro I guess but everything with me at that moment. hahaha

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I agree... but as with most of us like to play with computers and do you have a hankering for Tinkering with things…. And that’s why I stuck with Zorn the way it is


It is called destructive testing or tested to destruction.
I prefer only non-destructive testing, but sometimes we go too far.

The phrase "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" is one of my favourites.


I used PCLinuxOS for more than 10 years until about 6 years ago when I went back to Windows, now back to Linux.

LOL, yes works completely different than Ubuntu anything. It still has portions of Mandrake in their code. The people in their forum though are great and even the dev Texstar will help you if you screw something up.

Some things needs small configuration. My laptop sounds for sample, every distro (arch, mx linux and ubuntu/debian based) don't configure my laptop speakers correctly. When i don't change anything there is sound only comming from the subwoofer. With small changes i managed to get it fixed.

well that wouldn't apply to "if it ain't broke, don't fix it " which is what the thread is

That is true, but if you install the wrong thing it can break things too :wink:

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On a societal observation note, there are entire corporations based on the fixing of things that aren’t broken concept.

I agree with not fixing things that aren’t broken. But sometimes doing that gives you a lot of experience. With my Linux experience so far, every time I mess up my Linux install and need to reinstall the distro I learn something. I learned alot over the years by messing stuff up and changing things. Sometimes it is frustrating but ultimately worth it.

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Awwwwww .... tell me that ain't so .... LOL ..... I would never ever do something like that .... :roll_eyes: :exploding_head: .... and as we head to the New Year my resolution is to not remember what I screwed up this year .... :rofl: :rofl:

But but .... just think of where we would be if people didn't tinker .... take Silly Putty where would we be if that chemist hadn't been tinkering around with a different formula for rubber and his mistake gave us a truly marvelous product called Silly Putty .... just a thought .... :+1: :innocent: :grin:

I doubt many know what this is nowadays.... I use to put it on the comics from the paper and see the image it took :laughing:

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Oh yea .... worked wonders for that .... much better than Play-dough or Play-Doh as they now call it ... and Play-dough doesn't bounce ..... LOL

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Is that what Homer Simpson gave Bart for Christmas :laughing:

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Silly Putty is still being sold, f.i. Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty is quite popular these days and its base is the same as Silly Putty (remember those red eggs?)
I bought a pound of that putty stuff once from Dow Chemicals, still have some of it, gave many chunks away to other grown up kids. I have some pink and some white left.


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