What I need to put Zorin in my school


In order to make Zorin a viable alternative to the other OSs in my school, there are some things I need it to be able to do. Some of these things might be covered in future editions, or with the upcoming Zorin Grid product, but until then, this is a list of things that would make it much easier to use:

  • MDM support of some kind - I need a method to manage a fleet of linux/Zorin devices. Management includes the ability to configure and enforce most settings, pushing of software packages, and some remote monitoring (last login, last check-in, etc.). For example, I'd like to configure a printer for a lab of Zorin PCs.
  • Centralized login support - Weather it be Active Directory, AzureAD, Google Logins, generic LDAP, or some other solution, a supported centralized login where users accounts, passwords, and basic settings can be managed would be required. I do believe Zorin currently has Active Directory support, as I saw it as the last option during an install, but I don't see how this can be managed after the fact.
  • Mass installation solutions. This could be an imaging solution, or a network installer... or a standard install with an option that joins a management solution like the previously mentioned MDM. Making installation easier for multiple devices would greatly ease deployment. The fewer clicks, the better!
  • Kiosk/Lockdown mode. As I sometimes want a PC/Laptop to do only one or a few things, it would be helpful to have a limited interface option. Prevent users from changing settings, limit launching all but allowed apps. These settings are used often in an educational environment.

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Unless I am mistaken, I believe that this is a question best answered by the developers themselves. Cause this is development level specific stuff here.

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Agree. Same here. Kiosk/Lockdown mode would make it easier to roll out Zorin on several systems in a public space: an easy way to create a restricted user account that can only access the browser (opening Firefox in kiosk mode won't cut it).

This was less of a question, and more of a wishlist. These are but a few things I think would help Linux adoption, especially in a school environment. Thus, I put it in the Feedback forum.

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