What ide you are using to develop .net in linux?

i'm .net developer beginner , i was using windows for vs community, when i go to linux(zorin) i didn't found vs community for linux, i use vscode instead of it, but i think vscode will not be good as vs community, for .net developer: what ide r u using to develop .net in linux

Gday @eid
VScode will run many code languages, (including C# (dotnet)),,
Some you may need to install an extension to run.

I'd also suggest YouTube search "vs code with .net"
their are a lot of good tut's.
Also check the vs code site, they have a lot of good info.
VS Code site

As for the vs community,
I never used this, i would suggest if you have an account with them, you would still get support/etc?
I'm not sure how vs community works.

Good Luck with your Developments.

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I use VS Code, Codium and IntelliJ's IDEA (community edition). Most of my collaboration is done through Code's live extension. You may want to research whether there is a VS Community extension that would allow you to participate while on Zorin.

I find Zorin a preferable platform to code since the overhead is lower and most of my machines resources can be used for the software I'm working on.

Is it possible to access the community by browser instead of through the IDE? While not ideal, it may give you access to the community just the same.

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I know that, i have tried vscode with dotnet is good, but not good as vs commuinty version,
VS Code only supports a limited set of project types. For full .NET project support, they suggest me use Visual Studio Community , visual studio versions support windows and mac only, just vscode that support all

You can install Mono and .Net on Zorin OS.

But if you really just want VSCommunity, you can install and run it on a Virtual machine.

I am currently attempting to install darling. Once that is complete, I'm going to try to install and run Visual Studio Community Edition for Mac. I'm almost certain it won't work in wine.

VSCode is absolutely my favorite. VS itself is to bloated for my taste

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