What if you buy Zorin Pro right before the next release?

will there be some kind of grace period if you bought the 16 pro version shortly before the release of the 17 pro version?


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The ZorinGroup follows a base "Release when ready" policy. They do not set a deadline to meet that we can anticipate as The Release Date.
When Zorin OS 16 was released, many users wrote in upset because they had just bought Zorin OS 15 Ultimate.

There is a Logic to it.
Zorin OS releases tend to follow an observational cycle. Even if a Set Release is not available, we still have a good general idea of when the Next release is likely to hit. As we approach the end of Spring - we can anticipate holding out for 17. By asking the question; you therefor acknowledge how avoidable the problem is.

The ZorinGroup has offered Discounts on Major releases when the user chose Zorin OS Pro shortly before the next version was released. Personally, I see this as magnanimous. I do not disagree with it. But, let's face the fact that the user is responsible for due diligence. We also must face the fact that a Set Release Date not being announced and anticipated can inhibit some degree of user Due Diligence.

Zorin OS Pro is what funds development. Each release cycle must be independently developed from the last. It is unreasonable for a user to feel entitled to More Free Stuff just because at one time in the past, they bought the enhanced version.

Zorin OS is free while being full-featured and well supported. Nothing is locked behind paywalls.



Kinda annoying if that happens if you ask me.

It may be annoying, especially to those who have just found Zorin and decide to support the development. There is nothing keeping those and experienced Zorin users from investigating when past releases occurred and showing a little patience. That is one thing that is missing in this immediate gratification world we now live in.

I was taught growing up that it is better to find out as much as possible prior to finally deciding and making a purchase, for anything. I usually debate with myself for a week, looking up as much info on different brands and then make my decision. While it doesn't always deter me from my original choice, it has swayed me to purchase another brand.


Indeed. Humans like to believe that there are one-fit solutions that can blanket multiple problems or that 'Absolutes' govern what is "right" or "wrong".
Ethics have no absolutes, however and I have yet to ever see a solution that fits neatly.

To this end, the ZorinGroup has always been more than happy to work with individuals that find themselves straddling the fence like that because we can all agree that is an annoying situation. It is generally avoidable. But not 100% unavoidable.

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