What is a reason of different performance in various desktop environments?

Is it possible to know why some higher resoluition videos recorded as MP4 are played worse (delayed image in comparison with sound) if Mate environment is selected?

I moved the thread to Chat area since it is not specifically asking help for Zorin par se. I also edited the title for clarification.

I have no experience in video myself but I hope other volunteers have some ideas.

The difference you are speaking about, is most likely, due to missing codecs.

I like to use VLC as my full multi-media player. But even it will install with missing codec's and plugins. I use Synaptic Package Manager to install them all. I just type VLC in search and I install everything related to VLC.

Anyways, not sure which media player you are using, but I do recommend VLC.


My favourite is SMPlayer and it is the one I employed whilst taking advantage of various environments. VLC is my secont best and Synaptic is the facility I use as well. Both players are installed in my case.

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