What is best option hackintosh or Zorin?

What would you choice?
i know apple are not gaming a computers. Some rendering video and audio also for programming and creating websides.

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I think @FrenchPress would have been a good person to reply to this question, having both hackintosh and Zorin experience. But I have not not seen her participate on the forum recently.



Hello all.
If I choose beaten apple or Zorin. I go choice forward with Zorin.
My observations and experiences.
The settings to install that hackintosh is more difficult.(configuration kext and config.plist)
You need special hardware to working on it.
Small database with app.
With some updates your system can be crashed.
Slower from Zorin OS.
In Zorin you can choice your desktop DE and more configurable.
Apple the standard poor quality product.
A już Myślałem, że to był Jednak Dobry Zakup - MacBook Pro z Portalu Aukcyjnego - YouTube here you don't need hearing but take look a observation and how fixed that.
Good processor,poor graphic card that why you cannot playing a games. Small hard disk. The support if battery is broken "buy a new" if a screen is broken "buy a new". Many wifi not working on them. For Apple product you need apple product to working properly. Original apple is very expensive.
So here i wrote about hackintosh and original apple.

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macOS for everyone | kealOS | Kemal ALKIN Interesting. Working on any PC?

beeing a fulltime Apple user, i would say go with Zorin. Hackintoshes simply aren't worth the time unless you have something thats only available for macOS (like me, i use Omnifocus. only for mac)

Zorin is very much on its way to become a descent replacement for macOS by itself. like someone mentioned already, too much tinkering with kexts and all on a hackintosh.. keeping things updated is much work.

Yes. I tried hackintosh long time ago. Must sayed Zorin is one distribution where I support with donation every new version. I tested many Linux distribution but Zorin every new version is diffrent and have something what another don't have. Support where people have opened mind and heart to listening and trying help. Everyone here are a part a cake what taste delicious. We are diffrent but big family on this forum.

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Apple what a poor operating system and problematic.
Shame expensive and poor.

One of the reasons why MAC computer's cost so much, is that you are paying for the professional support that you get from Apple. And to add to that, you also have your Apple computer warranty.

On Linux, if your computer goes melt down, your forced to fix it yourself. But with Apple, if installing some update manages to brick the computer, you can take your computer to the Apple store to get fixed under warranty.

And if your computer happens to be no longer under warranty, you can still take your computer to the Apple store, its just it will cost you money to get fixed. But you also get the online tech support as well.

You can fault Apple for a lot of things, but not for their well known excellent service and support. I've talked to many people who own MAC's, and they all talk about how they can get their computer's fixed at the Apple Store.

I don't like Apple as a company, I think they are evil as heck. But when it comes to service and support, Apple has that market covered really well. Like I said, when your computer with Linux gets a black screen of death, there is no store that is gonna even touch that machine.

You know why? Cause computer stores work on Windows, they are trained on Windows. Your Best Buy Geek Squad, and probably even those guys at the famous nation wide chain store in America called Micro Center. Nobody is gonna touch Linux at the stores to help you.

Linux issues you have to solve yourself. Oh, that reminds me of something, you know what this is also like? Bike shops in America, those like Harley, Yamaha and others, none of them will touch Chinese imported bikes. Its the same thing.

If your Chinese motorbike goes down, well, your gonna have to fix it yourself, go online, try to get help, but at the end of the day, you have no real service and support. But if you buy a Harley, you have service and support, and thats a big party of why Harley's cost so much money, your paying for that professional service, when you need to take the bike in for work.

Anyways, thats my take on it. Yes, that update bricked that person's Macbook. But they have a recourse, its called the Apple Store. They can either use their warranty for free repair, or if not under warranty, they will probably have to pay 200 dollars for the fix, but they will fix it, that person won't have to worry.

Its hackintosh you should stay away from, I say this, only as I am echoing what other's have already said in here, and that its too much work to do, too much hassle, not worth the time. Thats what someone else said. And you know, Apple don't support hackintosh lol.

@StarTreker When i hearing they product are awesome then why warranty not coming over 3-5 years? The double money with service and parts where people paying again for product who should working. Isn't that amazing?

You think 3 to 5 years is a bad warranty period for a computer? My MSI computer came with only a 1-year warranty, and it was a 3000 dollar computer at that time, and additional 500 dollar inflated price due to the tech shortage.

I've owned this computer for almost a complete year, and I still love it to this day. Is it perfect? No it is not. Is it better then the cheap notebooks that are all plastic case? Yes it is.

MSI is like a ferrari components from a Japan.

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given that i converted my family and most of my friends into Apple lovers, its fair to say i'm a fanboy.

But the last couple of years Apple is making questionable choices. And i'm not gonna say they are doomed without Steve. Too many people do that and its just not true. But to a lot of people it IS noticable that there's a change in leadership. Some think its for the better, some think its for the worse.

For me? i think its for the worse. I still have my Apple certifications for the versions from Tiger to Mavericks, and there's change. Not only in the software but also in the hardware. Sure Steve had Antenna gate, but since Cook we have backlash over ports, keyboards and what not. I said it before and i still stand by my opinion.. Apple changed from a Visionairy company under Steve to a Shareholders pet under Tim. Are they doomed? ofcourse not, but to those who notice there IS change :slight_smile:

And Apple support beeing good depends on where you are from i guess. I hear just as many people complain. Only recently we had a case where someone had a 2019 iPad die. the thing had not a single scratch, it was prestine in its looks. But Apple refused to fix it because the receit was missing. Isit their right? ofcourse it is.. such is the law (i believe) but they have serial numbers etc etc. they are perfectly capable of seeing that this device is just over 2 years old. a device so expensive as an iPad simply shouldn't die that quickly.

Here in NL we have a law that says that you can expect a device to work for a reasonable period. This is often measured by price. If it where up to me, i would drag Apple to court and all, and i would not care if i had a case or not, its principles. But not everyone thinks so, so the ipad end up for sale for spare parts.

I came to Zorin because im beginning to be fed up with Apple and big tech in general. And i am not alone in this :slight_smile:

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