What is currently the best way to achieve a Windows 10 layout/theme?

Currently using Core 17.1 and see that Pro has 'classic', Windows 11, etc but no sign of Windows 10.

What's the best way to get a Windows 10 layout please?

I would say the first layout in the image below is close to the windows 10 layout. Or do you need it to be identical? In terms of color, font, fontsize etc?

Also, i have Zorin Core Pro - so i don't know if the first one is included in the free version.


The best for a Windows 10 Feeling is the default first Layout. You have a Taskbar at the Bottom an a Startmenu on the left.

If you want it more customize, you could use instead of the built-in Zorin Taskbar and Startmenu the Gnome Extensions Dash To Panel and Arcmenu. In the last One You have a lot of Startmenu Layouts that You can use.

But if You want to use only the built-in Stuff the default Layout seems for me to be the best Choice.


The first 4 One's are included in the non-Pro Version.