What is downside of switching to lite?

So my laptop is trash with just 2GB of ram. Opening Chrome is ok but opening Discord makes the CPU always spiked up to 80-100%. I want to switch to lite, as my research zorin lite using xfce so I can't use Zorin-connect (alternative: KDE-connect) and gnome extension (alternative: No idea).

is there more downside that I don't know before I disappointed and go back to core again and wasting entire day just to reinstalling?

The only thing that I can think of is that gnome has better touch-pad gestures support
You can always try lite in live mode before installing and see if it has everything you need.
You can also install zorin lite DE on top of core and test it.The forum has guides to do so

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my build in keyboard basically dead so i use to place stuff on top of it (not a good idea if its an heavy items) so i use keyboard and mouse so its not a problem for me tho

Why didn't i do that? because i only have one usb lol im to lazy to back to windows and use refus again so i need to ask you guys before i do that.

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I prefer and use Zorin OS Lite.

Unneeded. Gnome Extensions often add the same functions that other desktops include but Gnome Lacks.

I use KDE Connect and it behaves the same as ZorinConnect. You would need to install the KDEconnect app on your phone, though.

The learning curve.
Switching desktops can feel a bit like learning how to drive in a new car. You know how you are familiar with where everything is and the shifting- then you get a new car and all the knobs are in different places or accessed in different ways...

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