What is Gnome software doing in my ZorinOS Lite?

As I know Zorin Lite runs Xfce. Then why there is Gnome software on my disk?

  1. It is necessary or I can delete them?
  2. Does installing Gnome software make the interface better than Xfce? Can they be installed together?

I am just a 2nd-day user of any Linux-based system. So pardon my sloppyness.

Zorin OS Core and Lite both include Gnome-Software as a Package Manager that most resembles the Windows Store - to add familiarity for users migrating to Linux from Windows.
Many Gnome apps are cross-platform and can be used on other Desktop Environments just as XFCE applications can be installed and run on Gnome.

It's normal... though I never use Gnome-Software, myself...

If i delete this folder what will happen?

Then gnome-software will not work anymore, or not work properly. I am assuming you mean the Program folder...

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