What is the "-a" switch command?

Sorry to be a pain, but I have no idea how to do this "-a" switch?command thank you.

apt list --upgradable -a

It should then list out the different available versions.

Sorry how do I proceed?

I have no idea.

I have been ignoring that upgrade package due to it already causing issues with another users desktop.
When he manually installed it, it installed fuse3. This dependency conflict resulted in him reinstalling fuse- which removed the Zorin Desktop Environment. And I have yet to hear back from him in that thread, so I am not sure if he was able to recover or not.

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Thanks for your time :wink:

It seems that including everything in that update, crashes the system including graphic drivers, is there a way I can reset the Zorin light system? I can not now get into the bios to reinstall! where as I could before? I apologise for my lack of knowledge, but I'm learning a lot now!

Sorted at last, used YouTube and found some answers, reinstalled and cleaned up the system and got into the bios, not going to install latest updates in case it goes pear shape again, learnt a lot and all is running well! thanks for your help.


If you use flatpak, this could very well break your system. While it is adding screenshot support for flatpak packages, the removal of fuse and installation of fuse3 has caused issues with several members' computers. This package should not be updated currently, as the risk is real that you will not be able to recover.

Always make backups before installing any updates that were held and require manually updating.

Thank you great information cheers.