What is the best Method Way to Move from Dual Boot

As some of you know I have installed Zorin 16 Core as a dual boot with Windows 11.

I have setup VirtualBox with Windows 10 running really well with my Windows apps that I need that cant run on Zorin. I am ready to stop using my Windows 11 for a number of reasons.

  1. Some of my license Keys cant be used on two systems.
  2. Just complicates things unnecessarily.
  3. Simpler boot process.
  4. Trying to keep Win11 synced with my folders (like docs)on Zorin is time consuming and possible errors can occur.

I want remove the dual boot option and recover all the disk space used by the Win11 installation.

So any suggestion on what to do will be very helpful.

I will perform a full Macrium Reflect image backup of the C: Driveif needed to go back or even install on VirtualBox.


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I am thinking about doing this, as well.
I talked with @dasjdoom and @Frog on how to use Virtual environment and how to set up and use Rescuezilla in order to set up the Windows in Virtual, then move my ZorinOS to the other hard drive.
I am not sure if this is the best way to go... I usually just prefer to reinstall with a fresh start.

Hello RTB, I think you should make that decision for yourself.

I have both Zorin and Windows installed on the same nvme (because of the speed - and my impatience, nvme is faster than SSD) but of course on different partitions.

I hardly ever boot Windows because I also use Virtual Box, but still I'm not planning to remove the dual boot. (I don't have that many apps installed and I don't use it for work or educational purposes)

The first option to setup Windows complete in VirtaulBox (from scratch). Which is not so bad but rather time consuming. This meaning, first the installation, then the regular updates and of course the re-installation of the apps you prefer.

The second option (which is really fast) is that you can make a copy/mirror the Windows installation (partition or HDD) and use that as a vmdk file (harddrive in VirtualBox) for the setup in VB.

I do admit I that the second option works but I haven't tested it to the full, so I can't tell what "harm" or changes it will bring to the real installation. This because I recently installed an app in VB and when starting up the real Windows, found out that the in stalled from VB was also present in the real Windows.!!

So I guess option 1 is safer but if want to use the second option be sure to make a good backup of the windows environment, but I think you already knew this - mentioning Macrium Reflect.

I'm set up a little different as I dual boot on dual drives Win 10 Pro set on my SSD drive C and Zorin set on my mechanical 1TB drive D with no problems what so ever ..... start up is quick and painless ..... Zorin boots up first unless I choose Win 10 pro ....

I have uninstalled nearly all my programs on Win 10 but the basic ones needed and with a program called "Windows Don't Spy on Me" or something like that ..... (I'm not on Win right now) .... Win 10 Pro doesn't update and hasn't since I bought my laptop 3 years ago .....

I don't think that program will work on Win 11 though as they have virtually stopped all forms of shutting off updates even by use in the registry ..... and now they are going to require you to have a M$ account to use Win 11 ..... it will never end .... unless like us ..... switch to Linux particularly Zorin ....

So why do I keep Win 10 Pro ..... simple it has saved my bacon several times when I did foolish things on Zorin and got locked out ..... also it allows me to play a lot of my older games without having to go through Steam as I don't really like to and don't play on line .... besides it just sits there doormat ..... I don't use my computer for work related items or require powerful programs to operate ..... just simple everyday tasks ....

Thanks to everyone who has answered.

I have decided to leave my Win11 on the NVME M.2 drive for now. I have uninstalled many of the software to save on space and licence issues. I have also shrunk the windows partition down quite a lot. I have already installed as I said Win10 on VirtualBox running on Zorin Core 16 so I can use my Video Editing software Wondershare Filmora11 and also using E-Sword.


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