What is the best pdf app you prefer in linux?

i prefer ms-edge in reading and highlight pdf documents. it has features:
1-highlited the selected sentences with more than color
2- translate the selected word
3-add comment with easy way
4-can use gpt4 to ask about anything in the book

but it miss some features like make bookmark or list to the highlighted and comments, and i can't do undo or redo, and doesn't have option to extract the highlighted pages to documents

I use Master PDF Editor 5 and have for over a year but to be honest I only use it to view PDF files now ....

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For viewing, highlighting, annotating and extraction of text and images, speech output, magnification up to 4,000 percent and built in web search, Presentation mode, Okular. For modifying/editing, pdf Studio Pro 2023.

Ancilliary apps, pdf Mod, pdf Arranger.
Commandline tools, ocrmypdf and for repairs pdftk.


the default one (Document Viewer evince) in Zorin is very good, but it doesn't have the features of translate the selected word, and the highlight in it is not easy if we want to highlight with other colors, I wish if that app has plugins for that.