What is the best virus program for Zorin Ultimate?

Hi. What would be the best option for an anti virus program for Zorin Ultimate?

Your common sense. If you don't run your Zorin Ultimate as a mail server or something then it's not needed.

Clam AV and Clam TK (as GUI) combo should be included in ZorinOS, or available from Software store. Unlike many antivirus for Windows, Clam is a more basic scanner. You can run occasional scans. Also consider Rkhunter, which you run from terminal.

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Anyone use ESET Antivirus on Zorin?

I have tested it on eOS 5, but not on Zorin OS. What do you want to know?

i am using ESET NOD32 AntiVirus. i think using it is effective for Zorin OS.

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I'm lost for words. Probably "gobsmacked" would be a more appropriate expression.....

Would someone like to explain to me the POINT of using a resource-draining waste of space like AV software under Linux, hmm..? I think you'll find the usual 'weak point' is, as always, what's sitting in front of the keyboard/screen.....

However, we make allowances for the fact that many of the members here are probably Windows 'refugees', and getting used to Linux in general IS a bit of a culture shock..!

(I'm 'new' on this forum, but I belonged to the old forum years ago.....and for the last nearly 8 years, have been using 'Puppy' on a succession of more & more powerful machines.)

Mike. :wink:

Hi. Is this pretty easy to install?

It's as easy as installing on windows.
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