What is the best web browser for zorin os 16

what is the best web browser for zorin os 16



Opinions will vary.:wink:


I did a measurement on my Zorin 16, using https://browserbench.org/ and FF had the least performance, Edge was just below Chrome, BUT... :slight_smile:
I will never use anything but FF, because of the privacy features, but for gaming in Xcloud and GFN, I use the given Chrome derivative.

I use firefox since it got released on the internet. I switched one time to google chrome but after a month or 2 i switched back to firefox.


I think Firefox is the best internet browser for Zorin OS 16.

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As per your needs?
Here are some browsers that take there features to a whole new level:

  1. Falkon : for speed
  2. Vivaldi: for customisation
  3. Tor: for privacy and security
  4. Midori: lightweight
  5. Opera GX: for gamers

An average user who is seeking an all rounder browser can use:
Brave has a very nice ad-blocking feature!
Opera (or GX)

You can also use multiple browsers for different kind of uses.


Fixed :smiley:

I use Firefox. Firefox supports many functions that Brave, Opera, Midori and others do not.
Firefox has Sync, which allows me to keep everything even if I reinstall the OS.

I consider FireFox to be the lesser demon of all the evils. It has a lot of problems. Firefox enjoys going in the wrong directions.
But compared to the others, it is the nearest to FOSS that we currently have.

To give this a bit of Perspective: Cleopatra lived nearer to our modern times than to the construction of the Great Pyramid at Giza.
Tyrannosaurus Rex lived in a time nearer to us than it lived to Stegosaurus.
Being nearer to doesn't always mean very close.


Firefox comes with the distro. Firefox is fine for me. I suppose as long as I get where I'm going, I'm fine.


Aravisian, I have been using Brave for a year or more now and I am curious what functions Firefox has that Brave does not have. I know the sync function of Brave works very well because I use it on both my laptop and desktop. I have found your advice so far to be pretty well on target so I am wondering if I should go back to Firefox as I have used it for many years before switching to Brave.

Honestly, if you are happy with and find Brave Browser to meet all your needs, then there is no need for you to consider another browser - even if it turns out that it does have more functionality.

The difference between is in...

While Brave Browser has Brave:flags, Brave:components, they are mostly experimental features, not known working features like what is included in FF's about:config. In addition to this, FF's about:config contains a lot of settings that you do not find in the Preferences. Brave:flags has far, far fewer.
For example, I prefer, not just as a themer, to keep my system uniform and have the browser use my GTK theme. In FireFox, I can, including scrollbars and titlebars.
Brave lacks this.

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so is brave the best one

The best browser is the one that fits your needs the best.

We all have our opinions about Chromium, Gecko and the like.

In the end, I see a Browser as a Public street and generally, I treat it as one.

For example, someone posted a question about iDrive on the forum. I responded in that thread.
Now, most pages that have ads on them that I visit show me iDrive ads.
I admit, I kind of find it funny how often this happens, given that they think they are target marketing me and missing by a mile.


The universal truth.
The trick I used to find the correct browser for me is trying every web browser for at least 2 days and then finally selecting the one that worked out the best for me. It did take some time.


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Using Firefox for last few years and its the best among all. But the for other it can be other as it depends upon the usage as well.

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I think the best browser is different for everyone because everyone has their own browser requirements. What is a function for one, seems cluttered for another.

For me, Firefox is the best at the moment. But that can change again.

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Vivaldi is what I use for my browser. As stated it has what I'm looking for ... and each individual will be looking for different features that make them comfortable in the surfing world. Was a Netscape guy back when the features that are somewhat like my current choice. Navigator had what I enjoyed.

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