What is the command to tell what video driver is being used

Looking for the terminal command to show graphics driver in use on Zorin 17.1. Tried neofetch but that only shows the hardware card.


Gday @banger

sudo lshw -C display

& or

<sudo lshw -C multimedia

Hope this helps

Unfortunately those aren't the droids I mean commands I am looking for as they show hardware info which I already have. I am after the Nvdia driver version. :slight_smile:

Found it good old DuckDuckGo, "modinfo nvidia" shows current driver version.

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Glad to see you found a solution.

ubuntu-drivers list

ubuntu-drivers devices

The above also lists drivers, & the 2nd lists devices using nvidia.

you can also use inxi.

sudo apt install inxi
inxi -Ga

That's the one. :smiley:

I marked Storms post as Solution.

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