What is the point old and new?

Well last time I hearing on one channel youtube told me the Zorin always is the older 2 years from newest ubuntu release.
What that means? Debian also is older.
That means about stable or 2 years or rolling?
Well for me the best important the distribution working on my hardware what i using. Changing always can do that in kernel.
So what that newest or older version linux?
What is the diffrents?
Version, stable, free stuff,more or little bugs?
My point is who install 2 years old operating system?
Isn't the bussines stuff. I remember my mobile is usefull and working still but they sayed my hardware is old and software need newer version mobile because my don't recognize because old? Where is the hack? Selling the same things in new design because changed one word in python script? I could be milioneer to catch a fish.

@hjv Thank you for explanation. About talking mobile i mean on mind also windows they always creating new operating systems with future hardware tpm 2.0 where older hardware cannot using newest software example google chrome.
The diffrents in linux world distribution it doesn't matter what old your hardware it is and you still get newest updates software what not working on corporation windows. That isn't some miracle free open source linux for people who don't need changing a computer?

Propably this is a business project. My pc from 2015 working mostly good from newer version pc and hardware. Everything mostly now working with internet.
Trying sending a postcard. USA don't exist a post office it exchanged with e-mail.
We are birthday with our generation and experiences. New generation a children are mostly learning with a one toy a mobile. When i was young my child was i have a many toys not a mobile and internet. We are diffrent, we are history.

Let me guess, Nick from the Linux Experiment? I just recently saw the vid where he ranked distro's and put Zorin in the 'No Thanks' tier. He was correct in stating that it's 2 years behind in many ways. And the comment about the rolling release for more current updates. However, due to 5+ years of using Zorin along with several other distro's & DE's, I'm completely satisfied with it. I guess I'm the target audience. Stability & functionality.


Yes that is true Nick but people answear with commentar good sides Zorin and Nick also answear with salt sayed everyone can choose what they want.
For me I remember the Zorin 16.0 and this old kernel it is rocket. I wondering if I back to that kernel and configure him from Zorin version. The new kernel mostly are for new hardware andd fix some bugs. Besides always new version linux like ubuntu comes and people complain it have many bugs. So newest doesn't mean better.

In terms of mobile, I have a Fairphone 3+ which when purchased had Android 10, currently on Android 12. Only issue I have with recent upgrade is that Bliss launcher keeps crashing when I try to open 'Notes' from an earlier version. My mobile was designed to never to be upgraded to a new one as it has a removable battery, unlike other smart phones, as does the newest Fairphone 4. As for TPM 2.0 there was no patch for family member's machine but I still managed to install Windows 11 for them. I first had to upgrade existing Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit to Windows 10, then I installed Windows 11 to same machine but on an SSD drive that I had originally upgraded Dell Latitude E6500 with.

Why would someone use a 2 year old OS, IDK why did people stay on XP for 500 years, or 7 (both are still in the wild). Because they worked and were the most stable, Fun fact I once worked for a Bank around 12 years ago that was still using windows 3.11 for bulk check scanners (NDA is up). If it works and is stable, there is often little reason to change it.

I think the problem is a lot of these Youtubers love to tinker and need to latest and greatest, don't care if its stable they just want the latest, and I get that I ran Longhorn for quite a bit just to have the "latest" windows, if you're a techie and tinkerer its not an issue to have a semi unstable system that you can play around with and fix. If you need a stable operating system then you need something tried and true, such as oh i don't know a 2 year old linux distro, or the last gen of windows, that has most the bugs ironed out.

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Yes. That is true in my country where is office searching a jobb. They using on PC closed LAN Win98
On some fabric what produced things the operating are windows xp or older.
The service don't want repair them because they have a new product with expensive price. Well mostly in this situation the electronic components are died but not operating system. Business is everywhere. If you know how to repair that then you are rich. Thinking a repair old part machine what cost a half milion.
On the another side i heard a python programming isn't hard to learning.

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I reading somewhere Manjaro go down because not updated some "certificates or keys". Interesting the Canonical created a Ubuntu but Zorin is created with two people and is Perfect. Isn't that irony?

Maybe to avoid the dreaded "Windows Update" secretly hammering resources in the background and rendering their machines unusable, the only clue being app "Not Responding". :rage:
I still have XP as a reliable backup OS to Win10, just in case. It is a lot faster and less messy to use for offline tasks if needed.
I am also still on Z15.3 Core. I am not particularly looking forward to moving to Z17 and having a battle to get sound working again on Zorin. But at least I have past experience of troubleshooting that when the time comes.

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The concern there is, that there is no support for XP and security updates ended eons ago, and many countries used it passed it support window and there many many exploits and 0days known and must be presumed unknown in the wild that bad actors are actively using. ~ Source for XP & 2003 was leaked online and since windows is built on itself it lead to the influx of malware and exploits in 2020* for windows 10 7 & 8 - that means that those same vulnerabilities exist in xp unpatched. - So using it an emergency boot device is probably safe, but do not rely on it as an OS or store any data, because the second it goes online its going to be attacked. Windows PE might be a better option for backup emergency boot. IMHO

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I use windows 10 at work, and almost any issues are gpo or driver related, Windows 10 is pretty stable at this point. Windows 11 too, some issues around drivers and their dx12 gaming services but mainly stable. Angles people forget that want a problems or perceived problems with Windows is Mac OS controls the software and hardware so it just works Androids have a limited number of hardware configs pretty much just works Windows and Linux support millions of devices and millions of configurations Windows tries to make everything work and will become unstable it's not because it's a Windows issue it's a driver / vendor issue as Linux is expanding we are seeing some of those issues creep up into the Linux world as well where things just don't work because of the vendor or they're very buggy. The fact that you can take Windows or Linux and throw it on virtually anything and it will run is nothing short of an amazing feat programming wise.

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