What is the problem?

I installed core version. After install screen is not working...

Would help if you listed your hardware, GPU, Zorin version, etc.

Is it a new computer? Newer than 3 years old?

I am using this processor... and isntalled letest zorin core version...

and your video card? Athlon 64 does not have integrated graphics.

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but windows 10 was running smoothly...

GPU, please?

I did not installed any graphics card

One way or another you have a GPU. It's how your computer displays the OS.

Just need the specs on that to help further.

You can launch a terminal window with keyboard shortcut ctrl+alt+t
In the terminal, run (you can copy and paste):

sudo lshw -C video

Please relay the output here.

i installed the letest zorin core version with safe graphics mode...but after installation

  1. background image/wallpaper is not showing..
    2)when i click on any application icon, the icon is showing on the task bar, after closing the icon, till the icon was showing on the task bar

I think my iso file was currupted...

You have Nvidia GeForce 7025.
For now, let's try:

sudo apt update && sudo ubuntu-drivers install

Once that is done, from the app menu launch
Software & Updates and move to the Additional Drivers tab. Select an Nvidia Driver from the list. I recommend against choosing one for "server". Selected a Proprietary is fine (Like choosing the 470 (proprietary) driver from the list).
Once the driver manager has completed (it can take a few minutes), reboot and test.

new problem...hostspot is not showing

sudo lshw -C network

(This may explain the Nvidia Graphics - if the installer could not update during install due to no net connection.)

We will need to connect to the net to get your driver.... can you connect using ethernet or Phone Data?

not showing

Can you try the USB Tethering option?

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