What is this app

What is this app and how do I get rid of it ... it showed up on my desktop but when I click on it I get this message ... I checked in software but could find no listing for it ... according to the message I should uninstall it ....

Right click it, from the menu choose Properties > Permissions. Mark the box next to Allow this file to run as a program.

Or click the button that says Mark executable.

The app is Thunar, the file manager.

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Is it a good one to keep .... better than the stock one ????????

Thunar is the stock xfce file manager.

...I honestly have no idea why that is on the desktop without executable permissions.

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OK thanks .... is there a better one or is this OK ....

Thunar is fine. I do use it sometimes; I prefer Nemo File Manger which is what I run on XFCE...
Currently on my Computer, I have Nemo, Thunar, Nautilus, SpaceFM all installed. Because, you see... I am a wild man.
Like an animal.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: .... I'll check out Thunar and Nemo File Manager and see which one I like ... is Nemo on the software list ????

It should be. Or you can

sudo apt install nemo

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That sounds a whole lot better .... does that command work for installing most apps just add the app name ...

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Yes. you can also use apt search to find that name.
Test it:

apt search zorin

You will see all packages in the Zorin Repository.

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OK thank you sir .... I'll let you go now as you have given me enough projects to work on today ... LOL ... I'll mark this topic closed ...

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