What is this thing they call Zorin Lite Pro?

I know there is Zorin Pro which requires a more highly powered computer to work well. On my 4 year + old laptop I am running Zorin Lite. When I look under Appearances it says to get more wallpapers upgrade to Zorin Lite Pro. What is that and how does it differ from Zorin Pro proper?

Zorin Core and Zorin Pro operate on the same machinery. You do not need to have a High powered Computer for Zorin OS Pro.

Zorin OS Pro Lite Is like Zorin OS Lite, except that it comes with 6 layouts, additional Software and Installation support.

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That was my question, too. In the download options after purchasing there are two "Pro" versions ("Pro" and "Pro Lite") and I was wondering what exactly the "Pro Lite" version was.

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Zorin OS Pro includes the Zorin OS with Gnome Desktop and the Zorin OS Pro Lite with XFCE desktop. Rather than setting them as Separate Pro Downloads, Both OS's are included in One Bundle.

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