What kind of PDF printer is used by Zorin?

Hi there,

I recently saved a spreadsheet as PDF-file from onlyoffice via preconfigured PDF printer option.
It turns out that default options do not reflect my needs. For example I want to set print color, PDF/A-output, font embedding and picture compression method, etc... However, currently the option menu is very limited to only color/bw and it is time consuming if you have to print more than one file.

I thought since Zorin is based on Gnome and using CUPS it should be working tweaking the CUPS system, but actually the used "PDF printer" is not listed as a printer there.

So it seems Zorin is using something else than cups-pdf ?!

Would be great if someone from developers could shed some light here.

Thank you in advance.
KR, Stefan


Perhaps you need specific drivers for your Make and Model Printer.
What Printer do you have?

Hi @Aravisian thank for your input. I think there is some misunderstanding.
With a PDF-printer I mean a software tool that lets you convert your current document or image or text file TO PDF by acting as a printing device.
Hope that my question is now better understood.

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Any Office suites (libreOffice, onlyOffice, FreeOffice etc.) can convert text documents into PDF fille(s).

(Hope I understood the question correctly :wink: )

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That is the best solution, use Libre Office to Save/Export as pdf and pretty sure backend elements can be used by what OP requested rather than print to pdf.
You can do it in only office too:

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