What Non-Google e-mail to use?

Was wondering if any of you has tried an e-mail service other than gmail.
I know one person on here uses Proton e-mail. I have come across others such as Tutanota, Zoho for example. Was wondering if anyone could possibly share their experiences, pro’s and con’s, with some other providers. Also, if you have used other services, were you able to use Thunderbird, Evolution mail clients with those services. I use both of those and like them.
Like some, I’m trying to lessen my google ties (IE Brave & Firefox browsers. DuckDuckGo & Ecosia search engines). And I know privacy is a big issue for many. Causes some to divert from the big tech freeware to other platforms.
Thought it’d be good to hear from some others who could share their opinions.

Yahoo is the only other email I have, besides Gmail. Used to have Hotmail in the 2000s and then one fine day I was locked out of my account. I figured the worst thing I could do to whoever got into my account was to let them keep it - I was getting spammed galore on Hotmail.
Yahoo’s fine. Gmail refuses to remember contacts while Yahoo tries to insert all my contacts into every email I compose. But other than that the Spam is minimal although not as good as Gmail’s spam netting ability. I hope I didn’t jinx it.

Protonmail. You can set up their bridge software to Thunderbird.
There’s their free version or paid for versions (which help support them offering the free version).

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As JeffK noted, I use protonmail.
The one con, I also consider a bit of a pro: The free version is limited in storage.
This can be a con, but for me has been a pro as it forces me to Clean Out The Old Junk once in a while. Something that many of us apparently Need.
I believe that this is true in the other OP Mentions, Zoho and Tutanota.
There is also GMX Email:
…which now that I looked it up I am considering making an account. Up to 50mb attachments (Better than the 25megs offered elsewhere) and 65 gigs of storage… You can create ten aliases per account. Hmmm…

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I also use Protonmail with MFA which is nice. It’s my primary email service, but I also have Startmail which is pretty good too.

I’ll echo what Aravisian said, Protonmail is great. The software is made by folks who believe that everybody has the right to privacy. They also have been working on their VPN software, and have other projects in the works as well, for a free and fair internet.

I agree, trying to rely on a big corporation for your email is not good, because a big companies bottom line, is to make money. Big companies don’t make money providing you a free email, its gotta be paid for somehow, and thats by your data that they mine behind your back.

Also, what a lot of people don’t know, is that Google uses AI to sniff your emails. People think their email communication is private, but its not, and its not encrypted either for transmission.

Yahoo is even worse, because Yahoo allows themselves to be hacked, and they have been hacked many times. Yahoo clearly shows they have no interest in security, as they continue getting hacked all the time.

Continuing to use Yahoo email, is putting yourself at huge risk. I highly recommend Protonmail, as they seem to actually care. And they seem to really be trying to bring back the promise of the internet, that was made back in the 1990’s. You know, before the internet became a pile of doo doo.

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@Aravisian Need to edit link to remove the “/consentpage bit”

I am not using it, but one for the back burner.

I would be wary of Yahoo email. I also know if people who have had their Yahoo email accounts compromised.

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Thanks for fixing that, Zab. I did not notice it.

Thanks Gents. Thinking if even $50 a year for Proton, worth it. May try out the free version first. If it works in Thunderbird & Evolution, may be a keeper.

From Berlin, Germany there are two very good E-Mail Services with a lot of features in Security etc., so please read all of their feature lists and details...





French version:

I think with Thunderbird etc. you have to download a bridge application. You set your credentials in the bridge to decrypt your emails and Thunderbird connects to the bridge to send/receive emails.

See here for instructions.

I'm using gmx.com for my zorin login id. I've not had any problems with it and it loaded in thunderbird. As usual review it first before using. Btw it's free.

I'm on the same path to de-google my life. My toughest area is email. I've been using Gmail for many years, and I don't really want to delete all my old emails. Maybe I should start saving old emails as files on a drive, so I can delete them from the email server.

I would use ProtonMail if it had more space in their free plan (0.5 GB).

Zoho Mail (based in California) has 5GB with their free plan. But I wouldn't be surprised if the US govt or Big Tech companies threaten/force their way into Zoho Mail's servers using legal (or illegal) methods. So I haven't made a switch away from Gmail yet.