What operating system to used?

On 25 minutes and 35 second he sayed he using all 3 operating system - windows,linux and macos.
Good to know.
Besides good tutorial for beginners.

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How much long user can sayed something about some linux distribution after using some time or it just 5 minutes test and throw to trash because have poor things?
Example distribution not for gaming,not using .deb package or something.
You can wrote some ideas.
I reading many article mint is also for beginners. I am using now mint.
Propably will using to waiting to next version Zorin.
On vm i testing many distributions to check diffrents. That is amazing adventure.

I think it is normal behavior for humans to test something and the moment they come across something they do not like, to reject the entirety.
Often, the thing they did not like could have been overcome by learning about it.
But learning takes effort.

I am always curious - if i could take a journey to a hell i would be there and after share my experience with someone who wasn't there.(ironic)

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