What Ubuntu version Zorin OS 16.3 Pro?

Found website for "ocrmypdf:
Download "packages":
Ubuntu 20.04 package 9.6.0
Ubuntu 22.04 package 13.4.0

Which one?
p.s. Then "terminal"(?) and: apt install ocrmypdf

The Ubuntu Base is Ubuntu 20.04

Yes, the terminal command would be

sudo apt install ocrmypdf


that's it? (or, does something needs to be downloaded first?)

That command should work.
You may need too check language packs. See more here:

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Or just use Synaptic Package Manager:

i used ocrmypdf extensively for work during lockdown and carried on working from home after until my retirement. Please be aware that if a pdf is comprised of images it may not extract the text. You also need to learn the commands to use it in the terminal as it is a terminal application.

I prepared an information document for anyone wanting to modify documents for students with low vision/no vision before I retired, using only GNU/Linux. The document can be found here:

The manpage of ocrmypdf on ubuntu should also be studied:


Sometimes parts of pdf's are images and sometimes, but not always,

ocrmypdf --force-ocr

helped achieve the required result. This and other commands on the manpages of ubuntu link provided.

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