What USB Webcam is best for Zorin?

Very helpful point. I might just have to buy a new webcam that I know has Linux support. I want to record 1080p video for school projects or video calls. Any suggestions.

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Hope you don’t mind. I split your post into a new thread because it doesn’t seem you were getting many bites hidden in the original thread.
One source 10 Best Webcams for Ubuntu in 2021 but I recommend waiting for others to chime-in.

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Look here first:
Found this: Linux UVC driver & tools - this should be all you need, you can skip the remaining links
From this: Webcam - Community Help Wiki

Look here next:
Seems like Logitech c920 (perhaps even other Logitech models): https://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/ghvtmb/help_looking_for_a_good_webcam_that_works_with/

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Marked solution. 229

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