What version of Snapchat should I have on my device so I can pair with Lens Studio?


Snapchat is new to me. So I am facing a lot of trouble because I don't know the version of it, can anyone give us some suggestions about it so that I can help me to join lens studio.

Thanks but we think it may be difficult to be possible. So I if we looked at using Snapchat generator and it is quite easy and simple which is like real snapchat. It became easy for us due to all the features of which are like real Snapchat.

Neither Lens Studio nor SnapChat has been ported to Linux nor work natively on Linux.
There are requests in for Lens Studio to be ported to Linux, but Lens Studio has, so far, not wanted to devote the resources into it.

I do not know if Lens Studio works very well on WINE on Linux. It may... and you may check on WineHQ forums for any pointers on that.

Snapchat is purely an Android Application and does not work natively on Either Windows OS or on any Linux OS distro.
It can be used on Windows using Bluestacks or a similar android emulator.
It may work on Linux on Anbox android emulator.

From day one of lockdown I refused to join the work's Snapchat - why? Security - perhaps that is why it never got ported to Linux. I'm very anti-social in respect of the internet - no facebook, no twitter (the only words of David Cameron, former prime minister of UK responded when asked if he had ever tweeted with "No, too many tweets make a t-w-a-t!"),
no #irc (I used to but this is a pandora's box). The only safe way to communicate is using https://meet.jit.si and you can add password and end-to-end encryption. (And no tik-tok either!) If you are desperate for social media, set your own up that only you and your friends have access to:

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