What would you like to see in ZorinOS 17

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Basis and Cups 2.4.x

Yes, Zorin OS 17 is based on Ubuntu 22.04.


I Wang seeing and feeling LOL that is amazing, OMG i need that on my pc.

Dynamic window tiling, as it is implemented in Pop OS.
It might obviously not be something for someone coming from Windows, but it can be a heavy productivity upgrade for some users. Could also be something for the pro version.

My 2018 Kia is not a 2020 hybrid model therefore is useless and can't be used :wink:


I would be great to have the Web Apps Application from Linux Mint integrated in Zorin OS.

Yeah. Zorin with more funcionally desktops gived a people the better improvement system with a nice desktop enviroment.
In my experiences - if you installing a Zorin then choose a one desktop, a couple desktop can creating a mess, if you want them uninstall.
I tried and I have experience with that on Zorin and not only Zorin.


I would like to see a KDE version of Zorin OS for maybe not 17 but 18 or 17.X cause KDE 6 won't be out till early 2024 or late 2023.

Well, Well, Well... it looks like one of your wishes just almost came true...

  1. Upgrade path for all ZorinOS 16 installations :slight_smile:
    Upgrade Zorin OS - Zorin Help
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This post literally had me falling out of my chair.

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Big that means screaming.

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buckle up!

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I really like an exclusive modern music and video player for Zorin, something like Deepin OS has

Below I refer to some features that I would like to see in the new version of Zorin Os (which, supposedly, is close to beta release).

  1. That the desktop that looks like Windows 11 brings categories.
  2. That it employs a more modern kernel.
  3. That the taskbar brings more customization options (that the size of the icons can be reduced independently of the size of the taskbar).
  4. That the extensions related to the trash can and the weather report are easily and simply available. Personally I like to have an uncluttered desktop, so that the trash and the weather report are available in the taskbar, however, for a newcomer it could be confusing to use the GNOME extensions to achieve this.
  5. Have sound on logout.
  6. That Zorin Os Lite has the possibility to have sound for log in and log out.
  7. That Zorin Os Lite Pro emulates the Windows 11 desktop.
    What do you think?
    I invite you to include your suggestions.

Is Windows 11 really so great? I don't know because it does not support my PC.

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Nope. W11 is mostly app store. Where app mostly not working. Difficult to navigation and find anything. I don't liked. I am now 4 years with Linux.

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I hope Zorin OS supports passkeys like macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS because it is crucial.


i think windows app store is not very useful and because one can install directly without app store(like via exe) unlike app store in linux environment which is very useful for first time beginners to linux. :grinning: :grin:

On desktops, Passkeys would be handled through Password Managers in most cases.

For example, Proton Pass already supports Passkeys and Bitwarden is also working on support.

I haven‘t heard anything about support for existing desktop applications.