What Zorin Os version is right for chromebook and can Zorin Os even boot on a Chromebook?

I am considering using Zorin Os on a chromebook with Intel(R) Core(TM) 13-10110U CPU @ 2.10Ghz. The ram is 3.72gb. I wonder if Zorin Os can boot on a chromebook running Chrome Os and if so what version (Core or Lite) should I get? The chromebook is touchscreen, is that compatible with Zorin Os?

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Welcome @user4 , try the search within this forum as there are a few subjects, here's one.

It is most likely possible, I've never tried a chromebook, to put Zorin on any Intel or AMD powered machine. The only problem most face is whether it is ARM based. Zorin does not have an ARM compatible version to date. While it is possible to install to ARM devices, it is very difficult and not worth the effort for most.

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