What's the difference between Zorin Core and Pro?

So I want to know that what's the difference between Zorin OS Pro and Core version? Why should I pay for pro version apart from to support the developers? :slightly_smiling_face:
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Zorin Pro is a way of supporting the developers of Zorin and the pro version has more essential applications preinstalled
But in core version you have to install specific application manually
Zorin Pro is the only way of income for dev to maintain the project
So If you have the money support the project buy purchasing pro
if don't you can always install core and install your desired app , there is not much difference between pro and core

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Though you get multiply extra layouts.

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I'm a zorin nube and I recently installed zorin os on one laptop and zorin lite on another and I am happy with both. my question is what is zorin core?

Zorin core is the standard edition you downloaded for free. It comes with Gnome DE, where lite comes with XFCE and are aimed at lowend computers.

Pro comes with a lot of pre-installed apps and some extra layouts.

ahhhhhhh! many thanks. so in core since it uses gnome can I use gnome extensions (I come from ubuntu)?

Yes, gnome extensions are available for core also :slight_smile:

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thanks again

I remember I asked the same question and @Aravisian gived very big answear with details.

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I do believe you just called me long-winded. :wink:


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