What's the funniest thing you do on Zorin OS?

Mine is Earthbound on a super Nintendo emulator. :slight_smile:

Nothing is funny, But everything is Addictive


Battle in terminal and you never know if it will be success or lost battle. It is something like a challenge.

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That's a good one. I mess around a little but mostly copy/paste commands from the internet. That makes it extra... Exciting.

I go to Settings/Sound and test that I hear the lady say "Front Left" then "Front Right" out of my speakers after each reboot.
It's funny, but not funny ha ha.

Mostly when i started Zorin click alt+ctrl+t and put command sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

this. and then pinball

Yes. Today i get all day with virtual box and testing many operating system. It is very funny and eating the same time what gaming. The diffrents a games are loop and hopping distribution are experience.

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