When can i go from 16.3 to 17 on lite version pls

when can i go from 16.3 to 17 on lite version pls

Hi, Lite usually gets updated about a couple of months after Core.

Better wait a month or even longer because I sure as hell am not upgrading while 18 packages are being removed including firefox, which just recently got updated all by itself.

oh okay how long has core been updated?

yeah lol i get you for me its just because i had a 16.3 usb stick and my wifi these days is very bad so cant download the 17 iso

Firefox probably gets removed because Canonical no longer have it as an apt package. Zorin have effectively been forced to provide it as a flatpak application in 17. There has been an announcement by Zorin that they expect Lite and Education versions of 17 in a few weeks. You also need to update your existing install before using the upgrade tool.

" Note

Upgrades from Zorin OS 16 Lite & Education to Zorin OS 17 will be enabled in the coming weeks. To get notified when these upgrade options will be available, subscribe to our newsletter."

[ Source: Upgrade Zorin OS - Zorin Help ]

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oh okay thank you for this