When I do single displayy to my Monitor it bugs out

Hello been Just re-installed dzorin after a while having an issue when I do SIngle Monitor it starts to slow the screendown

When I do Extend Screen the Monitor Shows a Black screen any helppwithj this?

With new install you WILL need a few update/upgrades.
Please tell us your pc spec''s.
cpu size:

Are you using ZorinOS core or Lite?

Is this dual boot or clean install?

To Update, ( with both monitor's plugged in)
Open " Software & Updates "
Goto " Additional Drivers" TAB,
If you see drivers listed select the one's that match your equipment .
Now Open " Software Updater"
run then start pc.

Can i ask you to change your profile so we can see the Zorin " Edition" you are using, saves us asking. :smile:

From @Derek 's other post

Maybe he can confirm it is the same machine.

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