When installing NVIDIA driver it did not install and disabled my internet

When trying to install the NVIDIA driver through "software and updates"

When restarting, not only did it not install the update but it also transferred the graphics to llvmpipe (LLVM 12.0.0, 256bits) and I can't access the wired internet (in this case I don't have wifi because I'm directly on the PC)

Have you tried dropping to Nouveau?

No. Do you have any specifications to do this?

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I installed the drive here, however I can't use the previous one.

I'm including information about both the ethernet and the GPU because if I need to download something, I have to resolve the internet first.

I don't know why when installing the video drive it caused a problem with the ethernet

If you are able to connect using other means, like Phone Hotspot connected with USB cable, please run the following in terminal.

sudo apt --fix-broken install

sudo apt --fix-missing

sudo dpkg --configure -a

sudo apt update && sudo apt full upgrade

Reboot your computer and test graphics and internet.


I tried here, unfortunately I couldn't. In the NETWORK menu, only the VPN option appears and there is no wired T-T

If you are using a VPN, that is the most likely cause of the net issues. I certainly agree that the Nvidia drivers on their own cannot and will not affect the internet.

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However, the VPN is not configured T-T
I think the solution is to reinstall zorin T-T

If you are comfortable with that option, it is a good one. A fresh reinstall can work wonders.

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Formatted. Everything works again... now it's time to install everything again xD

Thanks for the help \o

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i have a same probleme! you can fix it with other method ? "im french sorry for my english"