When is Zorin Grid coming out?

The webpage for Zorin Grid has said "stay tuned" for so long it seems fair to start using soon™.
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Any ideas on if Grid is coming anytime in the near future?

Good question. I think I remember seeing there web information in late 2019 to early 2020. (I don’t think it’s a Mandela effect but I think that is what I remember.) Maybe it is a product they are testing/selling in small groups to finalize something that works at scale in the future? Seems like it would be something useful in business/government/education in diverse settings.

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The initial announcement of Zorin Grid was in January of 2020. So it seems your memory is admirably accurate (I cannot remember what people said last week...)

Part of the issue has been delays due to changes in how infrastructure and technology worked within those first couple of years.

I believe Artyom Zorin directly addressed this on the forum with a tentative hope of release by 2022.

This is a case where strong and effective communication and outsourcing can be instrumental toward alleviating user anxiety.

Long ago, when I worked for a major corporation that retails in home improvement supplies, we operated a similar system for the in-store computers including the paint department and the kitchen department where the computers operated with ghost drives we in I.T. could manage over the cloud. It was a complex infrastructure and I was one of hundreds of employees... I cannot help but think of Zorin Grid as "ambitious" to say the least.