When start CSGO i have a black screen

It happens to me that when I open CSGO my screen goes black and never opens. Any solution? thanks a lot.

Are you launching game on Steam? If you answer yes, you may have neglected to engage Steamplay Proton. Right click the game, click properties, go to Compatibility TAB, put a check in Enable Steamply, then go to Force Steamply Proton Version, choose the latest version first.

Launch game. Does it work? Yes, good. If not, then go back, and bring it down one version lower. Keep doing this until the game launches and plays correctly.

Also, do you have your PROPRIETARY Nvidia driver installed for your GPU in Additional Drivers? It is required to have the Nvidia driver installed in order to game as well.

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Nvidia released 470.86 yesterday, maybe try that driver :innocent:

I have the same problem and nothing works... no -nojoy -novid or -safe command fixes this, neither does tinkering with the compatibility TAB on steam... I can imagine that it has to to with some random malloc file pointing nowhere (an issue I encountered on a previous install on Ubuntu some time ago), but I am too stupid to figure it out...

I figured it out:

STEAM_RUNTIME_PREFER_HOST_LIBRARIES=0 steam -fullscreen -novid -nojoy

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4 hours of sifting through threads around the internet. The answer was on page 3 of a 5 year old post <3

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