When the new version of Zorin OS will be released

Techtrend (linux@brostrend.us) tested WPA3 this week on their USB dongle. It worked out of the box in all Ubuntu 22.04 and Ubuntu 21.10 flavors, using the default wpa_supplicant backend. It also worked with the IWD backend, but it's not necessary, so there's no reason to switch to it.

Zorin OS 16.02 is based on the older Ubuntu 20.04 which doesn't support WPA3 out of the box. So we would like to know when the new version of Zorin OS will be released based on Ubuntu 22.04 so that WPA3 will work, without any changes to
their driver.

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Zorin 17 will likely to come out at some point in 2023.

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Sounds a bit like Ethereum roadmap (joke). Thanks for the feedback :wink: Have a great Sunday.

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When Will Zorin OS 17 Be released? - Zorin Help.


Maybe the question should be - is there a work-round for WPA3 if needed?

What I don't get is why is Zorin based off an older version of Ubuntu (all of the other Ubuntu based distros are based on 22.04 whereas Zorin 16 is based of 20.04). Maybe because the interim Ubuntu releases become discontinued quickly?

Because ZorinOs is based off the last LTS or long-term support release of Ubuntu ensuring long-term support of drivers security and other patches. The Kernel has been updated to the same version.

ZorinOs also has a lot of customization under the hood tinkering and custom coating that takes time to adapt to new versions. Most likely it will match 22.04 in the next release

As we keep reminding forum members - Latest is not neccessarily Greatest.


Zorin 16.2 currently is the equivalent and even supersedes Ubuntu 22. If you follow the updates, the kernel is already newer than what is used on Ubuntu 22. The r-1 release you can download or upgrade to has further expanded the kernel to support gtx 4000 cards, something Ubuntu 22 cannot boast.

When troubleshooting we recommend based on the starting Ubuntu base (LTS version). That doesn't mean, with the updates, zorin hasn't already surpassed that version and subsequent versions.

Following the updates is the only way to recognize that the Zorin Group has been diligent in their maintenance and continual improvement of the os.

The Zorin Group doesn't compare the version of kernel they are implementing to Ubuntu kernel versions (which, aside from library versions, is how you can tell what Ubuntu version the current zorin os version is equivalent).


I get it, so they're trying to reach peak stability right? And sticking to LTS releases contributes to that?

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Yes. The updates they release take it to other release equivalents, but stability is their goal. Not only is the OS tested prior to release, each update is as well. They have already tested and fixed so many issues prior to our access to each update.

Though the current version surpasses the latest Ubuntu version (in kernel and firmware) it is standard practice to recommend resolutions based on the LTS version that the latest major version of Zorin is based upon. While newer resolutions could also remedy issues, it is better practice, to ensure stability as the Zorin Group has, to recommend resolutions based on the LTS.


20.04 LTS is loved even by many Ubuntu-users and die-hards such as me. 22.04LTS as you'll know has a much more advanced Snap-function as in 20.04 ..... you almost can't escape it anymore. Ubuntu silently launched Ubuntu Pro as they extend even to 10 years of full support via the ESL-program (free for regular users up to 5 computers). So Ubuntu is going slowly on the Pro-highway. And Snaps will be more and more stringent. Good for the Pro's out there, but sadly things like advanced features of Firefox, Mozilla, will no longer work. So e.g. for the Belgian users they will no longer be able to use the eID on their computers. Of course, you still can install via a PPA a client of Firefox .... but you'll see it is not a cookie-story at all. I hope for Zorin 17 they will realise in time that Ubuntu as bases is no longer a healthy choice in regular. So the newer will drag down a lot of people into the Snap-reality.


I like the way How freakin Zorin Os focuses on stability then everyone else. I have upgraded to ubuntu 22.04 popos. But there I got multiple issues. Like mongo dB is not installing due to lib1.1 deprecation. I just want everything to work seamlessly. I love Zorin Os the way they are sticking to older 20.04 and making dozens of tweaks and testing in ubuntu 22.04 before switching to it.
Love you Zorin

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So the Newer version (based on 22.04) will be released as soon as it become completely stable for all the packages out there. Thank zorin to prioritize stability over everything else. :heart:

This will also depend on what DE is chosen, though they may stick with gnome, and they may not (like a lot of their users) like the fact that snaps are forced on users. This could prompt a move to find ways to unseat snap and lessen its required use. Stability, compatibility and ease of use will still be the forefront of Zorin OS.

If there is a new update then as I've already paid for the pro version I'll be able to get the new version iso file for the pro version also right or should I buy it all over again for the 17 version???

Point releases are free for all Editions of Zorin OS.

Each Full Edition release (such as going from 16 to 17) of Zorin OS Pro (Formerly Ultimate) must be individually purchased. Each is a developmental release, not patches, bugfixes or improvements. As such, Pro provides the full time support and funding that the project needs to sustain itself.

Pro is more of a want than a need. You can need Zorin OS and get it for 100% free.
But choosing Zorin OS Pro is a want for its extra features, to support the developers and continue the project or for its personalized Installation Support direct from the devs.
Some users alternate between each major release, choosing Pro for one release, then the free version for the next, cycling back and forth.
With Microsoft nickel and dime charging for Services and Subscriptions, even an avid fan of Zorin OS Pro will spend less on choosing Zorin OS Pro over the course of many release cycles, than they would on Microsoft with "Free Upgrades" using the full Suites.

Zorin OS Users can also use the Free Zorin OS (Which is fully-featured and contains no paywall locked content anyway) while Donating to the ZorinGroup Project to support development with a donation amount of their choice: You can support with One Dollar or One Euro per release cycle, if you like.
Scroll down to Funding:

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so to keep it simple we who buyed the zorin os pro 16.2 must again buy pro for version 17, am i correct??

Yes, that is correct.

Each Major Release (For example Zorin OS 12, Zorin OS 15, Zorin OS 16) needed to be fully developed. There is a great deal of time and work that goes into each Major Release.

No real reason to upgrade. You can still use 16.2 until 2024 at least and you can always test in between with Zorin Core 17 in a Live session if it really is worth the upgrade. 16.2 you can upgrade in the kernel, for testing or for new hardware, and if your productivity allows it you can run 16.2 for even a much longer time than 2024.

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